We are here for you! We are holding in studio + virtual classes and personal training daily. 

If you need more information on personal training or nutrition services please call us (907) 371-0999  


Our Mission

At F & H Fitness Studio our purpose is to LEAD & SERVE others through FITNESS & HEALTH. We are creating a movement that will change lives, our community, and ultimately the world.  

Our Programs

We provide services at TWO studio locations throughout Alaska; Fairbanks & Anchorage. We offer group fitness classes, personal training options, nutrition coaching. All of our programs are unique, and designed by our TEAM Leaders. 

Our CORE Values

These seven CORE values represent who we are and the CULTURE of F & H Fitness Studio.

purpose & passion

Our purpose is to LEAD & SERVE others and create a movement and ripple effect that will ultimately change our community and the world. We are confident servant leaders and lead in LOVE not Fear. We serve with our HEARTS and with PASSION. We are excited about our mission and want to share it with everyone we meet. We embrace the mentality that we don't HAVE to do this work, we GET TO. We are a TEAM and know that to create major change we must work together. We know that serving is a privilege and are grateful for the opportunity. 


We WORK HARD and HUSTLE like a MOTHA. We believe in EXCELLENCE. We are intentional about the work we put out and TAKE ACTION right away. We love to DREAM and love collaborating and coming up with ideas on how we can serve better and make a difference.

we show up

We show up for our COMMUNITY. We show up for our TEAM Leaders. We show up for our TEAM. We show up for our LOVED ONES. And most importantly we show up for OURSELVES. We live the healthy hustle and understand if we are not taking care of our mind, body, and souls we will not be about to fulfill our mission.


We have a growth mindset. We see everything as an opportunity to level up. Growth and learning is our JAM and we love to share with others. We are consistently finding ways to be better and do better. We lead with the belief that everything that happens to us is for us. We are not victims of circumstance but WARRIORS. We are GRATEFUL,  we know when you enter gratitude you change your attitude. We say positive affirmations EVERY.DAMN.DAY! We believe that the two most powerful words are I AM, for what you put after these two words is what shapes your life and your reality.

you can vibe with us

We believe that you are who you surround yourself with and we are obsessed with inclusion. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have unique and diverse TEAM Leadership & TEAM. No matter your age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, size, fitness level you are welcome in our TEAM. We are open minded and understand that diversity is POWERFUL & BEAUTIFUL.

we are top shelf

We are TOP SHELF! We INSPIRE & EMPOWER those around us. We lift others up and help the reach their full potential. We leave everyone we come into contact with an impression of increase. When you walk though our studio doors you feel the positive energy. We have great CHARACTER & INTEGRITY. We are honest and do what is right even when it is not popular. 


We work hard and have fun doing it. We DANCE. We SING. We LAUGH. We live life with JOY.