24 Hour Gym


Our 24 Hour gym is located at our North Pole location at 667 Saint Nicholas Drive in the North Pole Wellness Center building.  Our facility is fully equipped with cardio equipment, functional equipment, free weights, traditional weight machines and best of all is accessible 24 hours.  When signing up you will receive a key fob that will let you into the gym 24 hours.  





Cardio Equipment

  • Treadmills

  • Ellipticals

  • Rowing Machine

  • Stationary Bike

  • Rotating Stairs

  • Jacobs Ladder

  • Stair Masters

  • Spin Bikes


Free Weights|Strength

  • 5-50lbs Dumbbells (increments of 5lbs)

  • Power Blocks up to 90lbs (increments of 2.5lbs)

  • 2- Power Racks- one including a 200 lb cable system 

  • Smith Machine including pec dec and 200 lb cable system



  • Leg Press

  • Hamstring Curls

  • Chest Press

  • Shoulder Press

  • Row

  • Tricep Extension

  • Cable system


Functional Equipment

  • Kettle Bells Ranging from 15-40lb

  • Suspension Trainers

  • Rings

  • Heavy Rope

  • T Bar

  • Medicine Balls

  • Stability Balls

  • Bands and Tubing

  • Bosu Ball



  • Heavy boxing bag


10% Discount for Military, Firefighter, Teachers, Police Officers

Bring a Buddy- $5 (during staffed hours only)

Month to Month- $39.99

12 Month Contract- $29.99 per month


*You must call (907)371-0999 and make an appointment to sign a release of liability, sign a contract ( if doing 12 month), and get your key fob. With your gym membership you receive a free 1 hour consultation with a personal trainer. To set an appointment call us, email us, or inbox us on Facebook.

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