Group Fitness Classes


CORE is a body weight resistance workout that focuses on your core muscles.  In this class expect to strengthen your chest, back, obliques, abdominals, and glutes.  CORE is an all levels class that might include a variety of equipment such as stability balls, bars, or bands.  Whether you are an athlete who intends to improve performance or someone that wants to tone muscles and prevent back injury this class is for you!

Raise THE Bar

Raise THE Bar is a barbell class that builds muscle strength and muscle endurance. This class is choreographed to music and focuses on every muscle group and works the entire body.  Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to fitness this class can be catered to your needs and will build, tighten, and tone!

Hustle for the Muscle

This class is designed to be personal training in a group setting. It is a total body strength class designed specifically to get you results and build strength.  All types of equipment is used in the class including; Suspension Trainers, Boxing Equipment, Free Weights, Bands, Boxes and much more!


CORE Yoga is a Vinyasa Flow Practice with a focus on core strength and stability.  Expect traditional asanas as well as optional inversions and arm balances.  After we explore stability and strength we balance with mobility and length.  This is an all levels class for experienced and budding yogis alike.

Release and RELAX

Release and RELAX is a class that will focus on safe practices and deep stretching. Self myofascial release through the use of tennis/lacrosse balls, foam rollers and medicine balls will be used. This helps improve flexibility, performance, and reduce injury.  This class is a must for all athletes or anyone that needs to work on flexibility.


QUEENAX Blast is designed to be effective and fun! This workout is circuit style and will be held on our state of the art QUEENAX System. You will be using body weight to do functional movements. Feel the burn from head to toe and blast your body into shape with this fun energizing class.

QUEENAX Strength uses all types of equipment such as bars, benches, stability balls, the QUEENAX System and more.  This class is based more on strength then circuit style cardio. Depending on the instructors vision of class day you may be targeting lower body, upper body, core, or total body!

Meet our Group Fitness Tribe

Alisha Hart

Alisha fell in love with fitness years ago and made the decision to teach group fitness and inspire others to make positive healthy choices. In Alisha’s Raise THE Bar class you will be encouraged to add weight to your bar and to give it your all. When you leave the room expect to feel stronger and more confident, with a smile on your face.

I want to inspire people I want someone  look at me and say "because of you I didn't give up"

Bethany Russell

Being an Aerial performer Bethany understands the importance of flexibility, core strength, and belief in your abilities.  With 8 years of experience teaching group fitness classes Bethany encourages her class to overcome fears and push past the burn.  Teaching them that your mind is in control, even when her counting skills are questionable (12 reps really means 36).  You can expect a welcoming and fun atmosphere with personal coaching, and hilarious verbal cuing. Bethany’s classes are not your average group fitness experience, and Bethany is not your average group fitness instructor.

Serve your body and mind by accepting your journey as unique and not comparing it to anyone else’s.  Stay balanced by focusing on your own practice and meet your body where it is without judgement.

Amanda Odom

Amanda’s music background as a singer gives her an ear for music and makes her feel right at home when teaching a choreographed class such as Raise THE Bar. She encourages her class to smile, add weight, and get stronger every time they come through the door.  Teaching Hustle for the Muscle gives Amanda the freedom to create one of a kind, functional, and personalized and challenging workouts each class. Amanda is eager to empower and help others realize how capable they are.


Stay strong, keep pushing, and watch your confidence soar

Jennifer Anderson

From a young age, Jennifer has had a passion for dance and all the beauty and emotion that is expressed and shared through dance. Physical fitness and health are core to Jennifer's desire for a healthy life full of fun, activity, and experience. While exploring ways to have both, Jennifer has become a Zumba and core instructor and participated in aerial yoga and ballroom dance. Jennifer encourages and challenges her students to focus on form and posture. In Jennifer's CORE class you will learn how to engage and strengthen your core through invigorating and challenging core moves. 


With good instruction, effort, and confidence- you can build a body that can do amazing things and add dimension and enjoyment to your personal health and fitness goals.

Class Protocol

Please hold your spot in class by hitting the button above and signing into  If you cannot make it to call please cancel online so the instructor can plan accordingly. We have a 12 hour cancellation policy for all classes. Please arrive to class 5 minutes prior so you can get set up.  Please bring an extra pair of clean shoes. Please wipe down all equipment and mats after class. Yoga mats will be provided but bring your own mat if you prefer.

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