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Tina Ferringer, CEO

Owner of F & H Fitness Studio

Why did you become a trainer? Ever since I was little I wanted to help. At first, I wanted to help animals as a small child and become a veterinarian, then as I got older I wanted to help kids and become a PE teacher, then my senior year of college I started interning at a personal training studio and realized I could have a huge impact through fitness and health as a personal trainer. It means everything to help people see their potential, make an impact, and help others.

What can people expect from your classes or training sessions? High energy, inspiration, motivation with a side of twerking and FUN!

What do you do when you aren’t instructing at F & H Fitness Studio? I love to spend time with my husband Shawn and two kids. We love to snow machine, adventure, and just chill around the house. We are a pretty low-key family.
I am also a volleyball coach and love helping young athletes reach their potential and learn valuable life lessons.

What are your credentials? Certifications, awards, etc…
Alaska Top 40 under 40, Achievement in Business Award in Anchorage, multiple best gym and best personal trainer in Fairbanks Awards. The most valued achievement has been to help raise over $150,000 for local causes and non-profits.

“Everything that has happened to you is for you”


Alisha Campbell, CPT

Manager, Personal Trainer


Alisha Campbell was born and raised in North Pole, Alaska. Alisha is the manager at F&H Fitness and has helped take our team to the next level. Alisha is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has multiple group fitness certifications. Alisha leads by example. Her passion for health and fitness shines through everyday.


Mary Black, CPT

Team Success Manager, Personal Trainer


Mary is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Specialist, a Reiki Master and a certified meditation guide. Mary and her husband of 30 years, Mark, moved to Alaska, via a stint in Florida after retiring from racing sled dogs for 22 years and living in the bush in Minnesota for 10 of those years.

They now live in the sled dog mecca of the world without sled dogs and have indoor plumbing! Mary’s experience of training four-legged athletes to reach their greatest potential through positive reinforcement and strategic programming is also who she works with her clients.

You will always find her in the studio(s) with a cheerful attitude & smile (even at 5:00am). Never one to let her age stop her, she did her first figure competition in her mid-40’s and competed in two Strongman competitions AFTER the age of 50.

Fortune Favors The Bold

Meaghan Price

HR Manager, CULTURE Ride® Instructor


Tricia Jones

Social Media and Marketing Manager


Why did you become an instructor? I started instructing at F & H because I loved the classes and the accepting, healing vibes. I transitioned to marketing for F & H because I wanted to help portray those same vibes on their social media and website.

What do you do when you aren’t working at F & H Fitness Studio? Hang out with my family, run my own marketing business, enjoy the outdoors and travel.

“You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force”

Gwen Swanson, CPT

Personal Trainer


Gwen discovered fitness and its benefits in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2016 that she realized she wanted to share these benefits with others. She decided to get her Group Certification and began teaching indoor cycling classes. 

With four years of instructing under her belt, she felt it was time to expand her wheelhouse. She added a Barre certification to her resume. This is when Cardio Sculpt was born! She designed a dynamic, full-body workout class. The freedom to create and design these classes ignited a different light in Gwen that led her to want more from her health and fitness career. In 2021 Gwen earned her National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certificate. Designing creative, effective workouts for her clients brings Gwen so much joy. She is eager to help others become their happiest, healthiest, strongest selves.


CULTURE Ride Instructor®