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Pole Fitness

Build upper body strength, core strength, flexiblity and your confidence! This is NOT your average fitness class and you will be feeling this workout head to toe. Pole Fitness is a 60 minute class that incorporates body weight exercises, flexibility training, and pole moves.  You will learn basic pole skills such as spins, climbs and sits. Our class room is a judgement free zone open to all women over the ages of 18. 








Pole Fitness Classes and Sessions


Students should wear workout attire. To get proper grip on the pole for climbing it works best if you wear shorts.  We do our pole fit classes bare foot so you will not need shoes. To ensure a firm grip on the pole, please do not apply lotion on the day of class. A portion of the class includes stretches on a yoga mat. We have mats available for you, or you may bring your own if you prefer.

Pole Fitness Parties

4 Week Pole Session

Our 4 week Pole Session is held twice a week on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30pm in The Loft at our Fairbanks location.  During this 4 week session you will learn an entire routine choreographed to music. Our session is an all levels session that provides beginning, intermediate and advanced options to certain skills.  You will have a chance to perform this routine in from of friends and family at our Pole Show that is held every three months.

Celebrate your birthday, bachelorette, or just plan a girls night! You will learn an entire routine in this 60 minute party.  You can customize your party by sending song choices or tell us what genre you would like and we can create a playlist for you.  We prefer 2 ladies per pole so 10 ladies, or if you would like you can do a party of 15 and have three ladies per pole.  The cost is $30 per person with a minimum of 5 participants. 

Meet Our Pole Tribe

Tina Ferringer

Pole Fitness has always been an intriguing sport for Tina. Having a Pole Fitness Program at F&H Fitness was must even though Tina had never touched a pole! Being a former collegiate Pole Fitness has given her the feeling of competition again (with herself). She wants to be able to reach people that typically do not want to go to the gym and workout.  She designs classes that are fun, effective, and helps people find their passion for fitness through nontraditional workouts, like pole fitness. Tina has competed and performed numerous times and has grown and gained so much confidence from the sport and she wants to share that with others.

To truly grow you must step outside of you comfort zone, it may not be easy but the reward is worth it

Jennifer Anderson

From a young age, Jennifer has had a passion for dance and all the beauty and emotion that is expressed and shared through dance. Physical fitness and health are core to Jennifer's desire for a healthy life full of fun, activity, and experience. While exploring ways to have both, Jennifer has become a Zumba and core instructor and participated in aerial yoga and ballroom dance. In Jennifer’s class you can expect to be welcomed with open arms and nurtured through your pole journey.


With good instruction, effort, and confidence- you can build a body that can do amazing things and add dimension and enjoyment to your personal health and fitness goals.

Mildred Rogers

The first time Mildred set foot in F & H Fitness and took a pole fitness class she knew it was going to be a passion.  With Mildred’s background in dance and gymnastics, pole was right up her ally and she picked up the skills and moves quickly. For Mildred Pole Fitness is a way to express herself, stay in shape, and do what she loves. Mildred is a beautiful performer and has taken home the Crystal Cup two years in a row at the AFX Crystal Cup in Anchorage. Mildred encourages her students to believe in themselves and realize their beauty through dance.

If it scares you, it might a good thing to try


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