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Ken Vehmeier was our first Fairbanks member to hit 1,000 visits!

Here is what he had to say about training at F & H Fitness Studio

“1000 classes… Not a number I would have thought was ever possible, or a number I was striving for, but here we are. I still vividly remember my first class in North Pole 6 years ago. I sat in the back, had no idea what to expect. Tina started and I was like “What the hell is going on right now!!” I barely made it through that class… and then we did the positive I am’s.. I couldn’t repeat them, because at that time I did not believe in myself..

When I went to that first class, I was probably in the worst shape of my life, physically, mentally and spiritually.. I was mourning the loss of my best friend also, beating up myself over it, making terrible life choices. but I know God put me in that class for a reason!!

Fast forward to today. After 1000 positive I am’s being said, I 100% believe them all about myself, and you!! Because of those 1,000 classes I dropped 30 pounds, got off all meds, lowered my high blood pressure, high cholesterol, my confidence returned and my soul opened. I gain something and work on me every class. The guy you see acting a fool in that front row? He was not the man 1000 classes ago. The growth not only from me, but all 3 Fairbanks studios and both Anchorage studios…. especially Tina.

I experienced rotator cuff surgery but was back on the bike in 2 weeks post-surgery. Most recently, last December I had blood clots (dvt) break loose in my calf (burpees with Alisha lol) and they went to my lungs and caused a pulmonary embolism. I had no idea what was going on, and I kept coming to class, wondering why I couldn’t breathe?? My heart was working overtime trying to pump blood through my clot-filled lungs.

One Sunday I left revive ride midway through cause I literally felt like I was going to die. When Tina was done with the class she immediately called me to see if I was ok, cause I had never left a class. Long story short, I ended up in the ER and had 2 doctors tell me I should be dead. After some tests and mri’s of my chest, those 2 doctors told me my heart was in incredible shape and my lungs were really healthy minus the clots!! They asked what kind of exercise program I was on and I told them.. CULTURE Ride®!! and as I told Tina.. CULTURE Ride® almost killed me, but it actually saved my life!!

During this time this gym stepped up in a way I would never expect, I had meals being delivered, people checking on me daily and more, for which I am forever grateful. I can’t say enough about how much of a family this place is!! And guess what? I was back on the bike in less than 3 weeks after being in that hospital bed!!

1000 classes, 1000 positive I ams, 1000 thank you’s, 1000 smiles, 1000 gallons of sweat, 1000 ayyees, 1000 laughs, 1000 high fives, 1000 lives changed and some tears were also part of this journey!! No matter what class you’re on, number 1 or 200.. Keep going, push yourself, let it change your life!! The investment is worth it, you will thank you, your family will thank you, your friends, your co-workers will thank you!!

For those of you in the back row, I was there for a long time!! At some point you will come up front, you will shout, you will sing, you will do it all or you just do you!! No one is judging you!! 1 class at a time, next thing you know it’s 1000.

Speaking of 1000, I am 1000% grateful for this place, for Tina, for all the instructors and trainers I’ve had the privilege of meeting and getting to know and become friends with!! And the many people I have met through this place and this journey!! Remember this, you are a badass!!!!”


Tracy just completed our 31 visits in 31 days challenge! She completed 31 visits in 25 days with a combination of personal training, CULTURE Ride and pop up classes this month 👏 Tracy started personal training at F & H Fitness Studio four months ago. Her growth is seen by everyone around her and she brings so much joy into the studio.
This is why she loves coming to F & H Fitness:
“I love that both spin and my sessions with my personal trainer, Mary, push me physically. I love that I never feel like I’m working out while I’m working out, I just feel like I’m having fun with friends, but afterward I am sweating from head to toe and my muscles always let me know I’ve had an incredible workout.
I am so much stronger and have so much more endurance. I am enjoying watching my body tone and define. I love how my clothes are fitting and the endless supply of energy has improved every single area of my life!
The best time to start on your health journey is either 6 months ago or today! If you didn’t start 6 months ago then today is your day. Start. Now. Getting started on your health journey is the best investment you will ever make. Today I am so extremely proud of and grateful to the woman I was four months ago, who walked into F & H fitness nervous but willing to show up for herself.”

- Tracy Snow

Angela began working out at F & H Fitness Studio since April 2021. Here is part of her F & H journey:
“Exercise has improved my life by making small everyday tasks easier for me. Just bending over and tying my shoe I can tell isn’t as hard for me. Having more energy and more endurance to play with my kids. my overall mood is just better. My self-image has improved so much. I have so much more confidence than I did when I walked through those doors.
If you are thinking about getting started on your health journey DON’T GIVE UP. The first class that I went to I sat almost the entire time. I didn’t know what I was doing and I honestly didn’t want to do it ever again. I got a 3 pass class so I thought “I’ll just do the last 2 and never do it again” but by the 3rd class, I loved it. You just gotta trust yourself and your body. Working out can suck and feeling lost and confused isn’t fun.. but after that 3rd class, you’ll get it! It can be discouraging feeling like you can’t see a change in your body but I PROMISE it’ll come.
I just want to thank all of the instructors at F&H for being so badass and encouraging. ESPECIALLY Gwen. She has sculpted my body in ways I never would’ve thought was possible on my own. I’m so happy to have met her and I’m so happy she gets to be a part of my journey to being a happier, healthier me.”

- Angela

Tracy is one of our Anchorage team members. She attended her first REVIVE ride February 2021. Here is her beautiful testimony:
“I got COVID back in Dec of 2019, although at the time we just thought it was a really bad flu. I was incredibly sick and even got to where I had to crawl up my stairs.
Prior to this, I had been going to CrossFit 5 days a week, lifting heavy, and loving it. I was finally able to go back to CF after about 3 wks, but was really short of breath and weak. This went on for several months and then in May 2020 I was still short of breath and weak so I went to see my provider. Long story short I ended up with an extensive cardiac and lung workup to discover that the virus I had in Dec damaged the pulmonic valve on my heart and it wasnt functioning properly. My cardiologist recommended that I immediately stop lifting heavy otherwise I could further damage my valve. This was devastating for me. I found myself feeling discouraged and sad at CF rather than encouraged and energized because I wasnt able to do what I loved or perform in the way I was used to.
I was at an especially low point around my birthday in Feb 2021 when I saw a post from Michelle encouraging people to try spin at F&H. On whim, I decided to try it and talked my friend Tammy into attending a Revive ride with me that Sunday. I knew as soon as the music started playing that this was exactly what my soul needed. I was simply sitting and pedaling to the beat at that point, but I could tell that F&H was right for me. I started going to tuesday classes and before long I was standing and doing the choreo.
In May of 2021 I had an annual followup and testing with my cardiologist who started our visit by asking what I had been doing for exercise the past year and if I was still going to CF. I told him that I started spin class in Feb and asked why. He told me that my valve function had returned to near normal! He was completely surprised and said he rarely sees this happen or gets to give people good news. He said that it was definitely due to the increased cardio from spin and that I needed to keep it up! Now I don’t need to see him for another 5 years!
F&H not only cured my valve but, more importantly it healed my soul. I feel like a completely different person than the me who walked thru the doors in Feb, unsure and feeling defeated. Now I yell the positive I Am’s and believe every word! I’ve even started using them at home with my kids and at work. What you and the team at F&H are doing is changing lives. You certainly changed mine. Thank you doesn’t even cover it.”

- Tracy Runyan-Traylor

Lindsay has been absolutely killing it in the spin room and personal training with Mary in a small group setting.
Here are a couple moments during Lindsay journey that truly show how her hard work has paid off:
“I had a moment this morning. I literally laid in bed for 15 minutes fighting with myself to get out of bed and go to spin. Every muscle in my body was screaming. But I still did it. I was so proud of myself, that after my shower I decided to grab what I call my skinny pants. I bought them a year ago and I couldn’t get them over my butt. Literally. But I was on such a high this morning that I grabbed them. I now have enough room in them that I could also stick my arm down 😭
“I’m currently crying in Torrid’s dressing room.
I’m able to size down in bras, I’m a whole cup size smaller 😭 My boobs are shrinking and I couldn’t be any happier, literally weight off my shoulders 😅 I’ve always had big breasts, so to see them getting smaller makes me so happy! And I also just bought this cute blouse and I was able to size down and I still have room in it!!!! For years I’ve been wearing the same size. Literally years. I never thought I would be able to see those numbers go down.”

- Lindsey