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chris| F&H VIP Member
His story|

A little under a year ago a friend asked me, “Chris do you want to go to a spin class?”


If I had known then what I know now, I would have said yes that much faster. It’s amazing how one small decision can set your course on a life altering path.


F&H has become a large part of my life, from going to classes, installing fans, or even opening the doors in the morning for the 5:30am classes. I went from a class or two to upwards of eight classes a week. I’ve gone from the original class of Culture Ride and branched out to QueenAx, Culture Step, and even Culture Pole.


I’ve enjoyed every bit of my experience, from meeting new people who have become my tribe, the awesome changes in my physical appearance, becoming healthier, and learning from the inspiring, diverse group of instructors that F&H offers.


Looking back and reflecting on the great experiences of this year, I see a future bright with more…sweat…positive “I AMs”…cussing…call outs…and ride-or-die moments."

Thanks F&H!




KEN| F&H VIP Member
His story|

"A little over 2 years ago my best friend passed away from ALS, Lou Gehrigs Disease. At the time, I guess I didn't realize it but I went into a bit of a depression. Being a Radio Morning Show host you are always expected to be happy, upbeat and the life of the party. Well having covered up the grief with a series of bad life choices, I packed on some pounds, stopped working out and found myself in the worse shape of my life. I was invited out to F&H while they were just in North Pole to do a Culture Ride. I finally gave in, and it was one of the best decisions of my life, even though I thought I was going to die in that first class. When F&H moved to Fairbanks I got serious about my health and my life!!


Fast forward to today!! So proud of my results!! I've lost over 35 pounds, put on muscle, lost a bunch of inches, my cardio is getting better every class. My blood pressure is back to where it should be, cholesterol levels back to healthy levels. My life has changed in so many ways, all for the better!!


F&H is a place where you are never judged, always encouraged, pushed hard and accepted for who YOU are!! Above all else, I look forward to coming to EVERY class, whether Spin, Yoga, Queen EX, Lift, Step..all of them.


The instructors are amazing!! It doesn't matter your age, I'm 53 but am in better shape now then I was in my 30's!!

Take that first step, that first class, change your life today!!


Don't wait till Monday, or New Years..Start today, Your old self will Thank YOU!!"